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Sviluppatore Studio Mizume
1 usd

===================We are offering a special discount for a limited time!(Offering a discount of 80% off the price)(2016 11/14 〜 11/20) ===================<Warning>1.Please be sure to connect Wi-Fi, and download this application. If this application do not start correctly, once again, connect Wi-Fi, and download again.2.Please be sure to check having space size of 1GB in your smartphone storage. (If there are not space size of 1GB, this App is not downloaded correctly.)
This App is a 3D Action Game.
①Dress Change SystemYou can change your character's ability points switching armor in the middle of battle, with options such as Armor Style to increase defense power and Assault Style to raise attack power.
②Mystic SystemSet the Mystic Quartz into your weapon to use magic and character the attributes of your weapon.
◆Free Battle PartYou can control a game character freely ,andenjoy 3D battle game.
◆Quest PartControl a game player in beautiful 3D field ,and accomplish various quests!